Keto Gingersnap Cookies Recipes


I’ve had a request from my wonderful husband to make keto gingersnap cookies. So for those of you that either don’t know or are wondering why. I am doing heater recipes. I found out a couple of months ago that I am type 2 diabetic, which means I need to drastically scale back the amount of carbs I bring in each day.

I tried to limit my carbs to between 20 and 25 carbs a day based on my doctor’s recommendation. I am a diet control diabetic, which means that my numbers weren’t high enough to require medicine, but I have to be very careful in what I eat, which means I have to find a new way to bake because I love to bake.

Ingredients for Keto Gingersnap Cookies

1.5 cup almond flour
3/4 cup butter melted
3/4 cup lakanto monkfruit natural sweetener of choice
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1/8 tsp ground cloves
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

So I have been experimenting with different recipes and different flours and different ingredients, and I’m slowly coming up with some really fun good recipes. But until then, I am scouring the internet to find recipes that I think sound good and sound like they might work. And this one sounds promising, so it is a keto gingersnap cookie. So what that means is. I am not using all-purpose flour or wheat flour. I will be using a combination of almond flour and coconut flour.

I’m not going to be using traditional white sugar, and I’m actually going to be using a monk fruit sweetener, which is, I think, the best one out there that I have found by taste. It doesn’t leave that much of an aftertaste if any at all depends on. If you have it by itself or mix it with stuff, those are two of the big changes you will see in this recipe.

So I’m just going to jump in and we’re going to make it together and see how this comes out. So the first thing is in my KitchenAid mixer right here: I’m going to put in all of my dry ingredients, and because I am using almond flour which clomps, I’m definitely going to sieve. My flour and my dry ingredients together just to get rid of those clumps and to air it up a little bit because almond flour can be very gritty, it can be very dense and they can kinda taste gummy.

I noticed if you don’t do this, so for starters, I’m going to do 1 and 1/4 cups of almond flour, and then to that, I’m going to do 1/4 cup of coconut flour, and the reason why I like to use both is coconut. Flour is a lighter texture; it’s more powdered, even though it still will add to me. It’S almost like a cornmeal texture to the cookie. It lightens it up a little bit, and it’s not as dense as if I use just almond flour, I’m going to sift—this just a little bit before I put in the rest of my ingredients.

I am going to be doing what is this. This is one teaspoon of baking powder. I believe my lighting is just going on and off. So if it’s like light and dark, I apologize the Sun decided to come out when I wanted to film this, because that’s how it works, and I have a giant slider and a skylight and then you’ll see on the table behind me in between making cookies.

I’m Going to continue to sift this all together now I have, I don’t know if you can see little tiny flecks of almond flour, mostly that don’t fit through I’m not going to force these through I’m just going to kind of get rid of them.

So it is all nice and sifted to this. I’m going to add my sugar. I need three-quarters of a cup of monk fruit, sugar. It looks exactly like regular sugar. It performs pretty much the same. It’S just a lot sweeter, so I was surprised this called for three-quarters of a cup, so we’re going to try it and see. I have noticed some of the recipes that I have tried online. I have scaled back what they asked of the sweetener.

The more I cut out, the more I realized how sweet I could get, and next, I’m going to put in my spices. So this is the part I’m excited about because I love a gingersnap cookie, obviously ginger. I am going to do an entire teaspoon of ginger might have been a heaping teaspoon. I love ginger. Next is 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon and then 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg. It’s like the trio, I’ve been anything, that’s fall-related and then. Lastly, you want 1/8 of a teaspoon of cloves, and I will probably do just a hint shy of that close can be very, very overpowering.

Okay, that is all of my trying gradients, I’m going to put my paddle attachment on to my KitchenAid, and I’m going to give it a quick mix now that those are blended. I’m going to make a little bit of room right here. Okay, so I went to put in my butter and realized. I would double the recipe, so I just went and doubled all of my dry ingredients, so I have 3/4 of a cup. This is a cup and a half of melted butter because I am doubling the recipe, so I have it melted, but I have it slightly cooled.

So it’s not overly warm to this. I’m going to add one teaspoon of vanilla extract for a single batch. It would be half a teaspoon. I will post the recipe down below so that you have it considering I’d butcher this so bad, and you give that a quick stir, and then I’m going to do two eggs one at a time. This is why you want to make sure your butter is not piping hot because you’re going to cook that egg, so I’m putting my egg into a little bowl, and then I’m going to mix this into my butter. So how are you holding up during this quarantine?

Yeah, I’m going to add, I’m going to, add my wet to my dry slowly. I have a spatula to get that all in; I’m going to posit that I’m going to scrape down on my thighs to make sure I get it all to remix it. So have you worked with any different flowers like almond, flour, coconut flour, potato flour? I believe there’s tapioca, flour. There are so many options out there. These are the ones that tend to be lowest in carb, which is the ones that I can have. So. According to this recipe, it said to freeze the dough, which the dough is very soft. Part of that is because of the flour.

There’S no gluten in the flour, so you’re not creating the gluten strands that you usually do, which is one finds that dough together and helps it to set up. So I will pop this in the freezer for probably about 10 minutes, and then we’ll pull it out, and we’ll see how it is and try to scoop some cookies. So we’re back. It’s been a few minutes longer than 10 minutes because I went live over on Facebook, and then I decided I needed an iced coffee, which is made with french vanilla, coffee, skinny taste syrup, which I have when I can show you two right here.

This is Keto syrup. That’s where we go Shawna, that’s what it looks like it’s going to taste. This is the salted caramel beautiful. This is amazing. I think I have four under in my cabinet right now because I don’t want to run out. So it’s got a little bit of heavy cream, and then I will show you it’s like shovels. How is this sugar-free, whipped cream? I get this at Walmart. This is zero carbs; it’s 20 calories for every two tablespoons, which two tablespoons whipped cream is a heck of a lot of whipped cream. So that’s how I’m able and coffee good, alright! So, let’s get our dough out.

So I did peak in like a second ago. Just to see if it was, it was hard, and it has definitely hardened up – it’s still soft, but it’s firmer and the original recipe for one I doubled the recipe, so for just a single back to the recipe, it’s at 8 cookies. Those are gonna be some big cookies. I am using a scoop like this, a cookie scoop.

This is the medium-sized one that I have, but I am just going to scoop. I put it in my hands, kind of roll it a little bit, and then flatten. It out a little bit, making it like a little disc, but not too far. Okay, so I have about half my dough done and I have 20, I think 30 cookies. This said it only made eight. There is no way that this would. It would have been join warmest cookies, so these are gonna go in.

It hits 350 for 10 minutes. I’m going to put these in for 8 minutes and then check them. It might take the full 10 minutes. It might only take 8. I know I’ve noticed that almond flour cooks differently, it’s a little bit harder to tell when they’re done so. I’m gonna put these in my preheated Alexa set a timer for 8 minutes and I will be back in 8 minutes to see what they’re like alright. My timer went off, let’s see what they are like, Oh again, with almond flour. I have a very hard time telling, but the edges are golden brown, so I’m going to let them sit usually with almond flour, and baking when it sets it starts to firm up.

Hopefully, these do that, though I will say, I don’t think they always use the photos of the actual product on these recipes just saying because the recipes looked there cookies left Brown. My cook is out of brown, so I’m looking at my recipe making sure I didn’t miss anything and I didn’t, according to this cookie, the size that they said it was supposed to be one net carb. I don’t believe that, so these seem to be farming up a little bit, I’m dying to taste it. I’ve got mom, cookies, spatula, and late. So this is what it looks like it smelled like a ginger snap. It smells really really good, and so this is what I mean by it’s not firmed up, yet just disintegrate. No, no as it cools it will set up samba, I would have put more ginger in it. I don’t think it’s ginger enough for a gingersnap cookie and unless these really set up, there’s not gonna be much snapping going on.

That’S the bottom of the cookie, and it’s definitely got color, so I wouldn’t cook these any longer, I’m hoping as they set up they’ll firm up, but it’s like falling apart. Look at that, I’m just trying to pick up another piece of the cookie mmm. I got one ginger of that bite: they’re not a bad cookie, but if you go into it expecting a traditional gingersnap cookie at least right now, while they’re warm you’re, not gonna get that. But it’s not a bad cookie. So I will let you know what the carb count is with this size cookie. It might be one card per cookie, but it had told me I could get eight cookies out of a batch now granted. I did a double batch.

I still have a bunch of dough left and this is 20 cookies. I couldn’t imagine getting any cookies out of that. One back. Those cookies would have been like this big. That’S a bear ginger cookie, I’m happy with them like whether they set up or they stay soft like a gingerbread cookie. I’m good either way. Now, if you’ve never eaten a cookie made with almond flour, I’m going to forewarn you, it does not taste like a normal cookie, because the almond flour has some texture to it. It’S ground-up almonds, the almond flour I get is from Costco or Sam’s Club. I prefer the one from Sam’s Club, but I can’t always make it down to Sam’s Club and I have to settle for the one from Costco. I think the one from Sam’s Club is a little bit finer milled and I don’t think I get as much of the texture. So that means that it definitely has texture and grit, and I don’t mean that in a yucky way, it just means that you’re gonna feel it on your palate.

You’Re gonna taste it and there’s gonna be that little bit of a gritty residue left in your mouth, like corn, muffin, or cornbread. If you’ve had those you know what I’m talking about like you, just get the little pieces of the cornmeal. That’S leftover and you can taste it. You know as you’re chewing it. So that is what it’s like when you eat something baked with almond flour. Now, these are starting to set up. I definitely can’t pick them up yet, though these might not be to pick up kind of cookie. These might be. I eat with a spoon type of cookie, we’ll see as they continue to cool, but they’ve definitely firmed up they’re, not squishy like they were.

So that’s the big thing with these cookies they did bake for about 12 to 12 and a half minutes before I could get them out on Monday me even been closer to 13 minutes. So definitely ten minutes was not enough time, but if you’re interesting, if you are interested in trying a low-carb cookie, I think these are definitely good. They were easy to make a lot of supermarkets have all of the ingredients that you would need so yeah um. I guess I will be back with another cooking video, because these seem to be not only highly requested, but so many people are excited that this video is coming out. So I don’t know what I should call this keto cooking with Shan, I don’t know um enjoy. If you make it, let me know – and I will be back with another recipe.

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